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I can feel its cold stare

As I walk down the path

I can see the dark shadow

As it watches me with wrath

I can hear its footsteps

A shiver runs down my spine

It mumbles, it moans, walks more and groans

Shadowing its own shadow, it stealthily looks at mine

I want to run

A scream rises up my throat

But I am bound to the pace I am in

I am unable let the scream out

Suddenly, I hear nothing

No shadow in the night,starless

With the same suddenness something hits me

As I stumble into darkness

There wasn’t a single creature when the girl went missing

It wasn’t even night

It was four ‘o’ clock in the evening

But she is nowhere in sight

If there wasn’t an animal

Nor a man or a run-in

I can’t help but wonder

Was it the darkness within?


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