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I dived head first
Into the abyss of a sea
Of my mind
To explore the unexplored
To know the known knowns
And remember the unknown knowns
And gear up for the unknown unknowns
At first it had sunlight
That sparked and carried along
My words, that I speak
Before I entered a world
Guarded and protected
By the toughest barriers
Yet vulnerable
It started turning dark
I didn't want to go further
But, I needed to
Questions and What ifs
Were scattered throughout
Doubts and I can'ts
Took up the space left
It was the deafening silence
Of inactivity that surrounded me
The deep waters looked serene
They were not
I wanted to ask you
To inform me if you find the answers
Of these questions
But, I won't
For I wasn't a diver anymore
I turned into the glowing jellyfish
Bringing light to the deep sea

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  1. Oh my God! This is so awesome girl. I think my favorite of yours till date. You have painted a picture so well!!! Loved the ending too .. amidst all the questions and doubts we need to be the light … just beautiful Akshita 😊

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