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As I Awaken

I woke up to see

The sky with the stars

Glowing as the fall

I wanted them to find me

As I awaken

I am carried by that glow

And I long for that flame

In it I want to be taken

I feel like a moth drawn to it

Yet it doesn’t come near

I want it to find me, burn within me

Yet the flame remains in the sky, lit

Its all made of light

Oh, how I long for the flame to find me

It still remains there

Burning bright

It strikes me now, fully

I already have the flame

The journey was always to discover the flame hidden within

I awaken truly


44 thoughts on “As I Awaken

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  1. Omg the ending!!! Love this poem so much, Akshita!!!!!!!!!!!! We waste so much time looking for pleasures outside while it’s all inside us. Amazing work this is, my friend 😍😍😍

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