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A Flicker of Sunlight

The world is in this state of healing

But my head just keeps on reeling

Everything seemed crashing down

And all I wanted to do was frown

There was nothing left to hear or say

With an empty mind on the swing I sway

Its day outside, but muddy and rainy

My insides too feel dark and slummy

A growing weed seems to eat me from inside

The rose planted inside me had died

But just then it stopped raining

I thought maybe the sky too was feigning

But the sky filled with white clouds

The sunlight adding to that crowd

The frolicking clouds in the ocean like sky

The mood of the weather now differed from mine

But only this sight gave me some hope

Like the clouds and sunlight with the rain could cope

With every problem, there’s this flicker of light

We just need to find it with all our might


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