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Twelve Dancing Princesses #Retelling

Part 1:

Chloe was the typical teen you’d find

Clumsy, worried, a bit kind

Sailing through school somehow

Sitting in classes with a permanent frown

She busied herself in books

Didn’t care much about her looks

But, here’s a secret let me tell you

She’ll surely care very soon

One day, she went to separate old books

Quite some time it took

When, she suddenly stumbled upon one beside her bed

“Twelve Dancing Princesses”, the title read

She opened the book to see dainty gowns

And palaces and market towns

Her mother called her downstairs 

She stumbles, RIP, flat on her face

She wakes up on king size bed

With a large canopy, with flowers fed

She tried to wake up from her dream

But it wasn’t one, I swear on my esteem

“Lady, lady wake up now,

You had banged your head with a booming ‘OWWW’,

It’s been hours though, and you look fine,

Come down for dinner, its quesadilla and wine”

“Who are you”, confused Chloe asked

The other lady’s face masked

“Oh my, you banged your head quite bad,

You’ve forgot your lady’s maid, that’s sad”

That’s just when a regal looking lady entered

“Oh! The lump on your head is quite centred,

But don’t worry Claire you’ll be okay,

Mother will surely find a way”

“Who’s this Claire, who are you?”

“Oh my! You forgot your queen and mother too!”

Just then, Chloe saw an apparition

That gave her few serious instructions

“You ripped the page of a book, activated a curse

You are now in this story, that’s quite adverse

You need to complete it till the very end

But it’s not the original one, there are twists, turns and bends

You won’t dance, you’d fight for your life

You are one of those 12 now, you’re Claire in this life

Once you have done so, you’ll be free

To go back to your home with a lot of glee”



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