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Pretending Every Day

And yesterday they said,
They listen to EDM
And today I went and sang
Songs I learnt yesterday
Before that they said
They dislike book worms
And I hid
My copy of Mansfield Ranch
Even before that they wanted my notes
And the naive me, gave it
Too late to realise that they only talked to me
When they needed those notes
Somewhere in between
They said they like eyeliners
I bought one that very day
And wore it daily
Today when I look in the mirror
I don't recognise the face staring back at me
Pretending so long
To fit in, to be someone else
I have forgotten who I am
Or who I perhaps was

I have seen people pretending so that someone likes them. THAT’S. NOT. HEALTHY.

Be yourself ’cause no one’s better


83 thoughts on “Pretending Every Day

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  1. I have lost myself many times to be loved by someone I liked. Soon I realized how unhealthy it was and I finally stopped acting so! The best thing we can do for ourselves is to be our honest selves and stop pretending!

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  2. Yeah this is Soo true! We all wanna change ourselves just bcoz people say so.. but the real u is the best u! ❤️❤️💕 this was penned really nicely!

    “I might wanna change myself when others said wrong to me
    But I realize that I THE REAL ME is born to run and be free” 😊

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  3. AK 17,
    This is just amazing. The sad thing is, that I relate. The first few lines, literally felt so true. I don’t know if you get this Akshita, the first few lines are like personally speaking to me. Thank you for writing this.

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    1. Sep,
      I totally get what you are saying coz I used to do this too as most people thought I am boring. Its of late I realised that I can’t distinguish the real and the fake me and I stopped doing that


      1. Me too!! I always wanted to be one of the popular kids, it’s hard to not want that. When I did become popular tho, I realised that people actually like me for myself. Not because I pretend to like the newest Tony Kakkar song. (I hate that guy)

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  4. I LOVE this and the powerful message behind it!! Powerfully written, my dear friend. An empowering reminder to us all…here’s to truly being ourselves 🤗🖤

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