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Happiness. Such a subjective term

We all want it. But we all don’t have it

To some it comes easily. Some struggle for it

Everyone chases it. Through whatever means necessary

For some it’s money, for some fame

For some it’s by hard work, for some by attention

For some it’s by doing nothing, for some by doing everything

And yet none of us really have it

As the destination’s correct but the mode of journey faulty

As happiness,truly, can come from only one place

And that’s deep within



98 thoughts on “Happiness

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  1. I have learnt a lot here! Thank you for sharing💖💖
    When did you start blogging by the way? And, it has been less than an year since I started my own baking blog being 13. I hope you check it out and please let me know your opinion on it. 😊 also, this is written beautifully!

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  2. Wow! This is so so and so amazing .
    Couldn’t say how much I loved this post especially the last line. Such a deep msg behind it. I agree happiness is found deep within us. We may say or act that our happiness rely on some external things. But that is just materialistic and temporary. Wow, your words beautifully said it …..❣️❣️

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  3. This is very true. I think that a lot of people view happiness as some sort of distant, unattainable goal. But the truth is, we all feel happiness everyday – when we hug or kiss a loved one, when we eat good food, or read a nice book: all of this happiness. We don’t need to spend our whole lives searching for what can easily be found within us if we just let ourselves feel it. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  4. Ahh this feels so empowering ✨ u r absolutely right. We don’t need to depend on people to get us what we want to make us happy. In fact we don’t need people to make us happy period. It is upto us to choose what makes us happy, and we just have to accept it ❤️🥺

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  5. A Young Man Said Once to me Oh No! How

    Does it Feel to Grow Old! i Replied

    Numbers Age Yet Soul Within

    Actually Grows Younger

    As Spirit Grows



    Even Body

    Becomes More Balancing

    With Nature Of Our Planet Spiraling Sun

    Yet i Told Him True This Ain’t A Numbers

    Game it is a Human One Full Of Soul

    Or Empty as i Was When i Was

    21 And 47 Not Nearly As

    Full Now Within

    At 61 True


    Soul Continues

    To Grow Feather Wind Same

    Spirit Light Just Playing With DarK oF NiGHT Akshita…

    LiTERaLLY i Kid You Not Each Day my SPiRiT Grows LiGHTeR..

    True Waves Gently Rise Fall Rise Through Days As Nights SPRinG..:)

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  6. Woww!! Very amazingly written my friend..! Yes, happiness is inside us.. but thinking about negative things we are destroying the happiness into us.. such a wonderful piece..! Keep shinning..!🤗

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