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A win-win for Earth?

Since the beginning of the lockdown people have been talking about how the environment has improved and how 2020 gave nature a break. Do you think its true?

The pandemic has been a hindrance to ecosystem restoration. So many projects, all shut down due to the economic depression. As people are afraid to go out there is a lack of law enforcement officers in forest departments, poaching and deforestation is on an all time rise. Is the blessing everyone talked about?

Another concerning fact here is the increase in bio-medical waste. Hospitals which procured waste around 550 kgs/day are now doing producing 1000 kgs/day. Lack of safe disposal is causing them to end up in rivers in oceans. Flora and fauna is being destroyed. This is the break we gave?

The benefits people talked about are so short-termed that they will return once the world goes back to business. We saw that in 2020 in the last few months, didn’t we?

We are not helping nature in any way by staying at home. Aren’t we all now doing more online shopping, that increases the amount of plastic waste? Aren’t we all using more soaps and sanitisers which goes into the sewage and most of goes to the rivers untreated? Aren’t we using ACs and other electronic devices more while staying at home which gives out radiations and CFCs? We are.

We cannot lay back and think that we have greatly helped the earth. All we can do now at home is by reducing online shopping, usage of gadgets and wastage of water. The earth has not won and is not winning. With things going back to normal we have to work more towards restoring our home.


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  1. I’m so glad that I read this post – I hadn’t even considered many of the things that you mentioned here. All of my friends were talking about how the pandemic helped nature so much after dolphins returned to the coast in Italy because the ships weren’t sailing anymore. But we never thought about these other factors. We really must do better when it comes to the environment. There are some online shops that only deliver in cardboard. I think I’ll do more research into buying from them.

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  2. Earth A Garden Feeding Now

    All Of Nature Balancing Free

    Human A Friend As Long As

    Giving More Than Taking

    Sharing More Than

    Hoarding For All

    Returning From

    Space Stars Above

    See This Most Beautiful

    Blue Green Orb Getting

    Closer to Atmosphere Blue

    Ocean Home Expanse Yet

    On Ground A Cancer Eating

    Away Earth Infrastructure of

    Human CuLTURES Oh What

    Will We Take to Extinction Next

    As 1 Out of 8 Animal And Plant Species

    We Erase Now in the Coming Decades



    As Trees

    Allow Us to

    Even BReaTHE

    If The Rest of Nature

    And Even We Will Determine

    What We Take Away Now From All of this

    Surely A Red Light Points A Way to Just

    Stop in the Name of Balance to Thrive Again

    For All Nature

    True Some

    See All Signs

    Of Red Still Green…

    How Ironic Indeed Akshita

    Our Life Blood At Stake Our Only Home..:)

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  3. This is such an eye opener, Akshita. We may have reduced air pollution by staying at home but we have not reduced all kinds of pollution. Earth has to win. We can’t afford it if she loses. Beautifully written, Aksh ❤️🤗

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    1. *new phone – sent before I could complete my thought – argh*
      Being at home actually made me reduce shopping because there was no where to go and nothing to do. I started reading about sustainability and because I had time from being at home I was able to implement a lot of them. I also think that 2020 opened eyes for a lot of other people too. So I do think the lockdown and the situation helped open our eyes but I agree that we can all do better at helping the environment. 😊

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  4. You know the that fascinates me most? We start talking about all environmental hooks when we are in 6th std. Teachers make us go through the article about saving the environment & all sorts of things. But, we don’t apply them, both theoretically and practically. Every year the degradation percentage of flora and fauna gets increased in the yearbook.
    You mentioned CFCs that damage the ozone layer caused by the refrigerator and air conditioners.
    On average every person who agrees with this post must have a refrigerator in their home.
    Will any one of them be willing to stop using it(refrigerator)? Of course not!
    Ac is our top priority nowadays & we can’t just stop using it. The only sol. is the advancement of electrical devices.
    All I want to mention is that we can’t just stop using resources at once & it includes plastic too.
    A feasible measure should be taken at small steps.
    Step I’ve taken? ~ I’ve stopped using plastics bag which I used to dump litter every day.
    Hope it wasn’t so long.
    Great post!

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