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Of Mountains and Hills

The mountain feels to high today

And all I wanna do is stay in bed

Curl up on it, make my pillows wet

Revel in that moment

I feel doing nothing

But I still trudge through

Paint a mask in face

And get over with this day too

I guess I never realised

That if the mountain’s too big

I can atleast try to climb

The underlying hill


74 thoughts on “Of Mountains and Hills

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  1. It’s Not A Mountain Top

    For A Word Is a Song

    And A Step Is A Dance

    At Least if Those Two

    Become Holy



    All That We


    Sadly CuLTuRaL

    iNSaNiTY Expects So

    Much More We Come to

    Believe it Prisoners Slaves

    We Come to Be Tethered too

    Away From Just A Step A Word

    A Song Holy And Sacred Dancing

    Singing Together Peacefully Foraging

    A Day Away WHeRe Everyone Counts

    And The Child is the Entire Village to Never

    End Raising together for a Survive and Thrive of Life…




    The Tools They Create

    That Were Supposed to make

    A Dance And Song Of Life Easier

    Yet the Dance And Song Essence is Gone

    Prisoners Remain the Tools They Create Machines They Become

    No Longer A Living Tree With Leaves That Grow and Feed New Living Trees…

    SMiLes Akshita So Difficult to Leave Reasons Behind Living Becoming River

    Again FLoWinG

    Free Now

    So Easy

    Life Will

    CoMe to
    BREaTHE NoW iN Ease..:)

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  2. This poem is very true. When life gets rough, sometimes we should just focus on making it through the day one moment at a time because even just doing that might take all of our effort. It’s okay to only be able to make it up the underlying hill for now. Thank you so much for sharing, this poem really touched me ❤

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      1. I’ll tell u the truth about this emoji ‘🙂’
        So many people use it like a normal smile but thanks to Nehal it has been baptised as an emoji for sarcasm😂 and trust me if thought in that way it really seems so
        Thus, it feels very weird when someone uses it like a smile coz my brain straightaway goes to sarcasm🤣

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      2. It would have been even more horrible if you were a Potterhead and managed to score that 😂
        Have you read the books? Or watched the movies?
        Yeah one of those questions kept appearing as empty boxes for me too.

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      3. True😂😂
        I have done both actually. I guess I had very high expectations and it didn’t meet those ones and so I was dissapointed and ended up disliking it😬. That makes sense, right?😅

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