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New-Year Writing Contest

Here am I with yet another contest. This is being hosted by Srishti @ The Srishti Blog. Check her out for some amazing content!


  • Thank the person who nominated you/who’s blog you find this on. I found it on Srishti’s blog, thanks for creating a contest with such an awesome concept!
  • If you have a blog, list down the rules in a post, if not, contact/email the creator (contact page).
  • Add the logo of this post that is:
  • Last date for submission is 1st February 2022, winners will be announced on 5th February 2022
  • Link back to the original post and the post of the one who nominated you.
  • Word limit ranges to 1000 words.
  • Inappropriate content shall be disqualified.
  • You can submit only one entry.
  • Nominate at least 5 people to participate in this contest.

My submission:

Well so, I am submitting my last post as an entry. I wrote it like a random thing, tbh. It was scary seeing all the cheery posts on new year’s eve when I wasn’t feeling cheery at all, and people actually liked it. I wasn’t expecting that, ngl, but it felt nice knowing that I wasn’t the only one panicking and also to see how many people actually calmed me down. So, here it goes:

I am scared of the unknown. Vague intro, I know, but have you ever thought about it? Aren’t we all scared of just the unknown? People are scared of animals because they don’t what happens when it bites or something, they don’t know how much pain it’ll bring or if it will at all. People are scared of heights because they don’t know what will really happen once they fall. People are scared of the dark as they don’t what’s lurking behind it. And that’s it, we are all scared of just the unknown. Whatever our tiny minds can’t comprehend or make sense of, scares us.

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You have already probably realized that I never particular nominate anyone. So this time, anyone with the letters N/E/W/Y/A/R can participate!! Have fun!!


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